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Mining Equipments

Mining work cannot move forward without the use of heavy or power machinery. However, the industry has preferred to rent out a variety of required equipment instead of buying the new items for varied project uses. As the need for safe and well-maintained mining and earth moving equipment is rising, several service providers have also been emerging. On the other hand, partnering with us can bring along several benefits for customers. With the increasing demand for rental equipment in the mining industry, Equipment Rentals India has become one of the leading suppliers of different types of equipment. We give mining equipment on rent to varied groups of people involved in mining projects, and they can use our equipment with complete authority and according to their own project schedules.

These days, the demand for mining equipment is higher than at any other time in history. Global progress and increased urbanisation are motivating sustained dependence on such equipment. Energy practice is probable to enlarge drastically in the coming decades, placing even more importance on cost, security, supply, and environmental impact issues. At Equipment Rentals India, we take into consideration all these factors and more when we develop our fleet.

We are always there to reduce risks and support capital efficiency when mining companies require a partner to hold them up while they work hard. With our years of know-how in providing equipment on rent, all our products are built to resist the most rugged field conditions and heavy use. They are designed for utmost competence and resurgence of mineral and metals, with lowest ownership cost. All equipment rented by Equipment Rentals India carry a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Exceptional steadfastness and demonstrated innovation is reflected in the equipment we give on rent. We offer a product that can be the most excellent solution for enlarged production and abridged downtime. Our goal is to help you reduce your lead time so you can go ahead with your project smoothly. With our large equipment fleet, we empower you to handle even the most complex of tasks on site. Listed below are some of the mining products and equipment we offer on rent.



  • Electric shovels
  • Wheel loaders and dozers
  • Draglines
  • Mobile mining crushers
  • Surface feeder breakers
  • Hybrid shovels
  • Blasthole drills
  • Mine air systems
  • Conveyor products
  • Sizers
  • Reclaim feeders

Equipment Rentals India is dedicated to being one of the most trusted partners for mining companies. We set aside the broadest line of surface equipment and subversive equipment in the mining industry. We are laced by our efficient employees as we become one of the best services in every regard. We are such a partner that understands your concerns being in the mining industry. Our focus remains on aspects like safety, sustainability, and productivity. We are always there to help you with the relevant custom solutions tailored according to your mining project requirements. Our products use the latest technological innovations and are reliable to be used in sensitive tasks performed securely in this industry.

For further details on our rental equipment for your mining project, just email us at We will revert with the needed details.