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Office Equipments

The industry in need of office equipment is rising in the phase of economical restoration. It has developed post the downturn and is experiencing growing demand for different office supplies. Further, technological progression resulting in product innovation, as well as the increasing literacy levels of global population are making the market grow at a vigorous rate. While all types of businesses may need a wide range of equipment, it may not be wise to buy them at all times, especially when the organisation is large and the number of employees are higher than new businesses. Thus, renting out equipment can be a great alternative to save money, efforts, and time.

The industry requiring several types of office items is witnessing the entry of supply agencies that have been offering economic solutions in the form of indispensable office equipment. In this regard, Equipment Rentals India has become a credible and popular name in providing rental office equipment. Therefore, many large companies that wish to remain spirited in the market come to us, as we offer reasonably priced and innovative products. Our equipment caters to their varied tastes and needs.

Our customers generally go for several basic items that are used in offices for the efficient supervision and management of activities. Things like fax machines, business telephone systems, photocopier machines, printers, etc. form an important part of office products. Ours is a premium organisation leading the industry for many years. High-quality products are our hallmark, and all of the items rented by us go through painstaking testing procedures and meet international design parameters. Our products are reliable, as we have experts to keep them maintained over a long period of time. We also train you on the use of some complex equipment when you take them on rent.

In addition, we provide you the latest technology in our equipment that suits the requirements of a modern office. A few of our office items for supply are listed below.


Multifunction Laser Printer

We have a multifunction laser printer that is a dream for small to large businesses. Providentially, this device can scan, copy, fax and print in colour. It has progressively declined in price. Today, a number of businesses can enjoy the expediency of being able to create high-quality marketing materials and business documents in full living colours using this printer. The device comes with software bundles and/or panel commands that allow handling the scanning chores, network printing, and faxing. Moreover, the device looks new and functions great.

phone system 125

Business Telephone System

The business telephone system that we give on rent can become your chief means of communication with customers and vendors. Our business telephone system fits well the needs of any firm, whether it is a start-up business or a large business. With this business-class telephone system, you will also be given an answering machine or voicemail service.


Photocopier Machine

We have great rental offers for digital photocopiers that provide absolute office printing and scanning solutions. The machines offered by us are rigorously tested to preserve their quality at par with international quality standards.


Fax Machine

Our rental fax machines are superb in terms of quality and operational standards. They are available with different features in terms of speed, printer type, paper type, paper size, paper cutter, paper feed, autodialing, etc.

While this is an indicative list, we also stock a variety of other office machines that can be of help during many types of office tasks and communication purposes. If you want to find out more about offerings, then email us at We will help you in choosing the best of items that suit your specific requirements. Our aim is to enhance your work and cut the operational time by renting out equipment that may otherwise be expensive to buy and maintain.