Bring down fixed costs and business risk

Lack of proper renting facilities has been identified by researchers as the major detriment for business growth in India, most firms cannot start out or fail to deliver and close down due to this reason; also purchasing equipments involve a gargantuan capital investment which many small and mid-size firms find difficult to garner. Once a firm purchases costly equipments for enabling its operations, it also needs to make provisions for maintenance and appoint skilled workers to run them. For these reasons most firms would like to opt for equipment rental facilities which enable them to convert their fixed costs into operating costs and reduce business risks.Realizing the dearth of good rental options in the business sector, Equipment Rentals India was incorporated with the objective of becoming the largest and best run equipment rental company. It is engaged in providing effective equipment renting solutions to offices and construction, medical and mining sectors. Customers can be assured of getting appropriate advice on a flexible, renting plan that suits them and at reasonable rates. Equipment Rentals India follows a strict maintenance regime for their equipments; their equipments have surpassed stringent standard tests of quality. Realizing the skills gap in the rentals industry they are going to soon introduce operating, safeguarding, safety training, certification and accreditation programs for equipment operators, they can be reached at

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